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Book Series: Essentials of a Consecrated Life

It is my desire to write a series of seven book under the theme "Essentials of a Consecrated Life." This will be of value in leaving a legacy of faith for my family.

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*Book orders limited to the USA Lower 48 states only.


“You Must Be Born Again”

This is the first in seven books I hope to write under the theme of consecrated living. It may be the shortest but it may well be the most important. Salvation is a spiritual experience and is impossible without the word of God (the gospel) and the Holy Spirit. This book focuses on the basic truths necessary to be born again, and what it really means to have eternal life. My deepest passion is that all those God has entrusted to my sphere of influence would genuinely experience the new birth. My prayer is that this book will be used to that end. $10.95


“Lord Teach Us To Pray”

It took me ten years to learn to pray, and as I have been praying the Lord has been teaching me how. I have come to learn that prayer is acknowledging my absolute dependence on God. Prayer is the greatest expression of my faith. Prayer is contact with deity. Prayer moves God to do things he otherwise wouldn’t do. Prayer is taking out of my hands that which I cannot do and placing into God’s hands that which only He can do. Is it any wonder that Charles Spurgeon said that he would rather teach one man to pray than ten men to preach. It is my prayer that God would use this small effort to aid in someone’s journey of learning to pray, especially my descendants. $10.95


“By the Word of God”

This book "By the Word of God" is book three and deals with the importance of knowing God's Word.$10.95


“For Me and My House”

For Me and My House, is about the grace of God in our endeavor to have a Christ centered home. $10.95


“The Weapons of our Warfare”

The Weapons of our Warfare is not a book so much on the strategy of Satan or demonology, but rather a book on the spiritual weapons from scripture and how to use them. We are in a spiritual battle and flesh and blood weapon's won't work. The academy may equip a soldier with the knowledge of what his weapons are, but he only gets good with his weapons as he uses them in the heat of battle. There is a list of 21 weapons, all of them tried and proven on the field of battle. $10.95


“But He Giveth More Grace”

Book six deals with how to appropriate the divine enabling power of God and live in greater victory. It is doubtful there is any ingredient that shapes a person's walk of faith more than their understanding of and appreciation of the grace of God. Tom has often said “If you are going to err in your theology, do it on the side of grace.” This book is about growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Growing in grace is one of the highest callings we have as Christians. $10.95


“The Spirit Himself Beareth Witness”

The Holy Spirit is God, equated with the Father, and the Son. He dwells within all who are born again. He is our Comforter, Counselor, Teacher and Guide. He is the one who directs our path and in the process, assures us of the new birth. He reveals truth of scripture and makes known the mystery of knowing Christ. He is the passkey to all the treasures of experiencing God. $10.95