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Gospel Sermons

Russelville, AR, 2018 - Lessons from the life of Noah

Russelville, AR, 2018 - Lessons from the life of David

Russellville, AR. Revival 2014-09-28

Camp Barakel Men's Retreat 2013-10-18

First Baptist Church Russellville, AR. 2013-09-30

Camp Barakel Father/Son 01-11-13

Life Action "Resolution" Dec. 31 - Jan. 1, 2013

Spiritual Warfare Conf. Perry Baptist Church 11-04-11

First Baptist Church Russellville 10-02-11

Camp Barakel Men's Retreat 10-14-11

Camp Barakel Men's Retreat 10-24-10

Camp Barakel Men's Retreat 10-16-10

Camp Barakel Grandparents Camp 09-10-10

Evangel Baptist Church 05-22-10

Camp Barakel Father/Son Retreat 01-15-10

Camp Barakel Fall Men's Retreat 10-16-09

Camp Barakel Father/Daughter Camp 09-26-09

Camp Barakel Grandparent's Camp 08-30-09

Fellowship Baptist Church 02-08-09

Camp Barakel Winter Married Couples 02-13-09

Camp Barakel Men's Retreat 10-10-08

Evangel Baptist Family Life Conference

Barakel "Grandparents Camp"

Life Action Family Camp 2008 (2nd week)

(Prayer; The Great Mystery Of God)

Life Action Family Camp 2008 (1st week) (Nicodemus)

Camp Barakel Men's Retreat 10-19-07

Fellowship Baptist Church

Summit On Preaching 2007

Camp Barakel Father/Son 2007 (Sowing & Reaping)


A Glimpse of Heaven

Essentials Of A Consecrated Life

Warfare Sermons

Re-builders Conference

Summit on Preaching 2006

Life Action Family Camp 2005

Camp Barakel Couples Retreat 2005

The Summit on Preaching 2005

Life Action Family Camp 2004

Camp Barakel Fall Men's Retreat 2003

Camp Barakel Memorial Day Family Camp 05-23-1997

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